In 1974, Tim Slako built his first race car, a Torana L34. It was built to race nationally in the Touring Car Series (today known as Supercars) He competed at Bathurst in the famous Hardie Ferodo 1000 for the first of nine starts in 1975 competing regularly against Peter Brock, Alan Moffit, Dick Johnson, and in the later years, Glen Seaton, Mark Skaife, and all of the younger generation Supercar drivers.

By 1977, after competing in his third Bathurst driving the Ian Diffen World of Tyres L34, Tim realised he needed a stable mechanical business to support his race team. As the race team was officially known as West Racing Pty Ltd for obvious reasons, the new mechanical business was born called West Racing Motor Development, starting in Ruse Street, Osborne Park, Perth, Western Australia in 1977.

From 1977 through to the mid 80’s saw Tim adding Bathurst starts to his list, racing a brutal Australian Formula 5000 single seater race car competing in the 1980 Australian Grand Prix. Included in the starting grid was the then current F1 World Champion, Alan Jones, driving the world famous Williams F1 car, and Bruno Giocomelli driving the Alfa Romeo F1 car. At that time, Tim also drove sprint cars.

Back at the workshop, a brand new go-power engine dyno had been installed, giving West Racing a huge leap forward in the high performance street scene for the next eighteen years.

The late 80’s saw Tim getting more heavily involved in touring cars, racing a Rover Vitesse for two years, giving him his best ever Bathurst finish, winning a celebrity race at Bathurst, defeating Dick Johnson, Jim Richards, Alan Moffit and more, teaming up with Alf Barbagallo and building two state of the art touring cars for Alf and Tim to campaign for two seasons, painted in the now famous pink colours of West Racing.

Back at the workshop, West Racing became the state distributor for MoTeC Eng. Management Systems, selling probably three of the first ten MoTeC’s ever produced. West Racing continue today to be the longest loyal distributor of the most professional engine management system in the world = MoTeC.

The 90’s saw West Racing expanding building and racing more pink Holden race cars, becoming heavily involved with the best oil in the world, Red Line Synthetic oil. Adding a state of the art two wheel drive Dyno Dynamics chassis dyno to its toolbox.

This gave West Racing the experience to move into the 21st Century with enormous knowledge to roll out the most advanced high performance street cars that are produced, running on pump fuel and are driven everyday by both guys and girls.

As we move into the last year of the first decade of the 21st. Century, West Racing will be moving into new state of the art premises with all of the right tools, including a 4x4 fully optioned rolling road with I M 240 emission testing facilities to allow us to build faster, smoother, and cleaner engines to meet the ever changing emission laws.